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The Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble is a non-profit group whose aim is to increase local opportunities for international folk dancing. It is an associated group of the Society for International Folk Dancing (SIFD). The regular weekly class is an opportunity for anyone to learn and enjoy folk dances from around the world.

Russian Dance for Four

The fact that folk dance is for people of all ages and abilities is delightfully demonstrated by some of the group at the 2022 Southdowns Music Festival.

Dancing Comudum in Bognor Regis

In 2021, we joined other folk singing and dancing groups at the Southdowns Folk Festival, and put all of last year's missed opportunities behind us.

We enjoy French dances and performed many during 2019. Fishbourne Mill Morris (right) danced alongside us.

Fishbourne Mill Morris

We also shared the stage with Appalachian dancers as we performed our favourite English folk dances - see our 2019-20 Page.

Two Portuguese dances Vira das Cavacas (left) at the 2017 Southdowns Folk Festival; and Erva Cidera (right). Our costumes were Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Dutch Dance

We danced this Dutch dance in breezy Bognor in multi national costumes: Dutch, Romanian, Austrian, Polish, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Italian.

Semah Dancing

Janet's current ambition is to convey the movements and feelings of Semah dance; this may not be easy - so until BRIDE have mastered the steps and achieved some of the nuances here is a video of the real thing.

Turkish Dance - Tulum Havasi

2014 was the second Southdowns Folk Festival, we took part alongside a plethera of Morris, Clog and Folk groups, in different venues around Bognor Regis.

Dancing Rodos Syrtos in Bognor Regis

We concentrated on Greek dances (costumes from Rhodes) for an appearance at the 2013 Bognor Birdman Rally.

Dancing Fyrmanna Scottishe at Funtington

In 2012, we enjoyed dancing at a Diamond Jubilee fete in Funtington, four dancers in Polish costume. Other members of the group were in English, Ukrainian or other European costumes.

Olde English Dance - Jenny Pluck Pears

We had an outing with musicians, Steve, Hilary and Frank, to the 17th Century Village in Gosport. A day of singing and dancing English dances.

Dancing at Hotham Park

The Armenian dance, Dagh Gorani, is a great favourite with the group because of the beautiful music. Some of us performed it at the Hotham Park Heritage Fair, an annual regular event.

Armenian & Russian Dances at the Royal Albert Hall

Both classes performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010, where, along with other members from around the country, we represented the Society for International Folk Dancing.

Hohrehonsky Csardas (Central Slovakian dance)

We travelled to London to the Embankment Gardens Theatre several times as part of the SIFD summer events, and, to indulge ourselves in a little sightseeing.

The group is run by Janet Douglas who is an approved teacher of the Society for International Folk Dancing (SIFD). More importantly she understands that dance lessons for children are as much about fun as education. The children learn more if they are enjoying themselves. The age range is from 5 years upwards.

Every year we prepare a display team to perform international folk dancing at local fetes and carnivals. Every year we try to attend at least one special event. In past years we have performed at the Royal Embankment Gardens, the Hawth Theatre, Crawley and the Royal Albert Hall. In 2009 the children competed (with music supplied by some of the adults) at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

The Display team adults in Ukrainian costume

Some of the dancers in Ukrainian costume

The display team of all ages enjoy international folk dancing, dressing up and performing in public. The grown-ups in the display team have irregular practice meetings depending on the display schedule. They also meet to co-operate in various ventures for fun.

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