2003 B.R.I.D.E. Folk Dance

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

The display team consisted of adults dressed in Turkish costume with the children in 'pan-european' costume. The display team performed the following international folk dances at the Felpham Fete, the Bognor Carnival, the West Meads Fete and the Middleton-On-Sea Fete:

Trommelvals (Denmark), Nigun Atik (Israel), Zonoradiko (Greece), Erva Cidera (Portuguese), Indian Queen (England), Tulum Havasi (Turkey), Walenki (Russia) and Sepastia Bar (Armenia)

Felpham Village Fete

A tricky location as the display team were folk dancing on the 'prom' with the audience all around us. This meant that the display team had their backs to various parts of the audience all the time but it is a good experience to dance whilst looking out to sea. These dancing pictures have a maritine background. The very bright and low sun made taking photographs of the dancing difficult.

West Meads Village Fete

Our display team had an indoor venue at the West Meads village fete. This was unexpected and required rapid changes to the choreography of the international folk dances. One advantage was the improved sound quality. Unfortunately the audience got in the way of taking pictures of the dancing.

Middleton-on-Sea Village Fete

The display team did international folk dancing on the grass on a blazing hot summers day - much more like a traditional fete with stalls, rides, etc all providing a distracting background. Later Janet Douglas taught a Maypole session which everyone enjoyed (the maypole did stay up throughout!). The dancing photographs were not very good but these are the best pictures.

2003 B.R.I.D.E. Folk Dance Tour

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