Danish Costumes

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

We borrowed Danish costumes from the Society for International Folk Dancing (SIFD) for displays in 2004, and made some replicas for future use.

The most distinguishing feature of Danish costume is the bonnet. There are many different types of bonnet, depending on the region and other factors such as marriage. Skirts are striped or checked, often green, blue or in some regions, red. The bodice is usually the same colour as the skirt.

A set of Danish bonnets were donated by Winnie Beer, a retired folk dance teacher.

Below the girls are depicted dancing Trommevals, a dance from Denmark. It has similarities to English country dance in that it is a set dance.

 Childrens Danish folk dancing costume

Childrens Danish folk dance costume Childrens Danish folk costume

Danish Costumes

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