Serbian Costumes

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

Janet managed to buy a traditional Serbian costume in Belgrade, but found it impossible to make replicas for other members of the group. The velvet bodice is decorated with gold thread and is worn over a shift. The skirt is pleated by the 'baking' method and has lace and/or braid decoration. An embroidered velvet, or patterned woven, apron tops the skirt. Red ribbons on the sleeves and hair adorned with a rose. Woollen socks with a pattern usually of flowers. The man's blue woollen waistcoat is decorated with an intricate design of braid.
Serbia has many varieties of folk costume and that of girls of the Vlaski region is much easier to copy (and is more comfortable). It consists of a white shift, with an apron and long fringe on the back, white headress, with rose, and red or black socks.

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Traditional Serbian shoes were given to us by Ibrahim Rizevski and Paja Milic. The girls bought Macedonian shoes as they are easier to dance in. See other Serbian and Vlaski costumes on our holiday report on the Christmas YU-Folk Festival, Belgrade

Serbian Costumes

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