Near Eastern Costumes

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

Near Eastern costume

The title 'Near Eastern' for this costume page encompasses a few countries from that region; the costumes are not strictly authentic but share many characteristics. (see the Armenian, Greek and Turkish pages for more Near Eastern costumes)

The heavily embroidered kaftans are typical, and a scarf or veil is worn over a small hat or tiara for dance. Women from some countries would also wear baggy pants or leggings. Men's garments are generally loose fitting and made of cotton.

As with Europe - traditional costumes are fast becoming historic costumes - modern fashion seems universal. But folk dancers need folk costumes to keep the feeling of the dance. What you wear affects the movement of the dance.

jordanian kaftan

Details of the hand embroidered centre panel of one the Jordanian kaftans is pictured below.
(Click on the picture for a close-up)




Near Eastern Costumes

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