Macedonian Costumes

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

Janet has a Macedonian costume, from 1938, from Konjsko, Ohrid. It belonged to Milica Selo Gorna, and the waistcoat was made by her mother for Milica's wedding.

macedonian costume

working apron

The shift has beadwork and sequins worked into the lace on the cuffs and neck edge; a silver filigree worked waistcoat goes over the shift.

There are two aprons, worn together, the working one (left) is red and white striped weave with lace edging. The other (right) is kept for best and is blue, red and white striped weave of a better quality and much more lace.

A sleeveless three-quarter length jacket, reinforced at the seams with braid and decorated with embroidered wool. The scarf in this costume was a bridal scarf and has delicate beadwork edging. Knitted, striped socks are worn with the flat leather shoes.

Macedonian costume

backview with best apron

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